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Sneaky Snake:
A procedurally generated game first written for the CodeDay: Portland event in February of 2015, using a custom-built JavaScript game engine: Argyle. We, GL0V Games, would love to hear your feedback, so let us know at gl0vgames {dot} studio {at} gmail {dot} com!

Sneak around the enemies to make your way to the teleporter, without being seen, to get to the next level. Walking over the enemies increases your score and moving speed, but also makes you longer. The resulting tail can be seen by enemies, so plan carefully, and see how long your tail can get!

w, s, a, d to move around, if the controls are confusing try clicking the Toggle Controls button to switch them.
m to mute
r to restart
p to toggle play and pause
i to go to info screen

Graham Barber: Design, Production Workflow, Project Management
Ben Arvey: Programmer
Damian Kulp: Programmer
Michelle Moreland: Art
Dylan Shumway: Design, Sound/Music, Legal Things